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50 simple self-care ideas

You need to take care of yourself. 

Repeat after me, I need to take care of myself.

Not once a year, not once a month but every single day. 

Self-care is the act of doing things to cater to your physical, emotional, mental, and social needs and wants. It can be as simple as taking a shower every day.

Self-care is important because it helps you maintain a healthy relationship with yourself and enables you to be a better person for those around you.

Remember that you can not fill water from an empty cup in the same way you can not take care of others fully if you do not take care of yourself.

Today I will share with you 50 very simple self-care ideas to kickstart your self-care journey or to give you some new amazing ideas you can incorporate today.

It’s the simple little things that go a long way.

  1. Wake up early in the morning
  2. Make a cup of your favorite tea or coffee
  3. Play some jazz music in the background
  4. Watch the sunrise
  5. Journal
  6. Make a gratitude list
  7. Pray or meditate
  8. Make your bed
  9. Do some simple stretches
  10. Workout
  11. Take a nice hot shower
  12. Use your favorite shower gel or soap
  13. Do your skincare routine
  14. Wear your favorite outfit
  15. Go for a morning walk
  16. Play with your pet
  17. Listen to your favorite podcast
  18. Make a to-do list
  19. Visualize 
  20. Draw
  21. Clean up your space
  22. Positive affirmations
  23. Put on a face mask
  24. Relaxing deep breathing
  25. Read your favorite book
  26. Cook something you have been meaning to
  27. Give yourself a nice massage
  28. Watch your favorite childhood cartoon
  29. Watch your favorite show
  30. Try something new 
  31. Light your favorite candle
  32. Drink a cup of water
  33. Do a check-in with your emotions
  34. Watch the sunset
  35. Take a nap
  36. Do a puzzle
  37. Write a poem
  38. Social media detox
  39. Get a manicure
  40. Get a pedicure
  41. Write a short fiction story
  42. Make a Pinterest vision board
  43. Make a self-care kit 
  44. Facial massage
  45. Stare at the clouds outside
  46. Donate to a charitable cause
  47. Check-in on your friend
  48. Learn a new language
  49. Flip through a magazine
  50. Watch the sun set.

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