Self care,  self care

How to make simple activities acts of self care

From this post, most of the activities listed are very simple and everyday tasks that you might already be doing.

It’s your intention and your state of mind that make the difference. 

For example, I am sure that you have seen the sunrise very many times…right?

But next time you do, I want you to be in the moment, do not think about that assignment you have not submitted or that project for work due tomorrow, be present in the now.

Clear your mind and watch the sunrise at that moment.

So my advice is to be present, live in the moment, and enjoy the little simple things.

Life is full of many ups and downs, there will always something to stress and worry about and you might not always have control over everything.

That’s just the reality of life.

But you can have control over yourself and how you cope with such situations by always showing up for yourself and catering for yourself first.

Make a self-care planner

Write down a list of activities that you enjoy on your phone or your planner Grab your free daily planner here

When making your list remember to keep in mind the following

Know what your likes and dislikes are

Do not write down a cup of coffee just because you see everyone enjoying taking coffee and yet you hate coffee.

Remember this is about you and nobody else.

Do what truly makes you happy but also remember that there are some activities that you may not enjoy but the result is what is best for you.

When you do activities that you enjoy it will become easier for them to stick into your routine because you are eager to do them.

For example, you may not enjoy cleaning up your room but a clean and tidy space makes you feel relaxed and organized.

Similarly, you might not want to stop scrolling through tik tok but the result is that it leaves you feeling drained, tired, and with a terrible eye ache.

Understand what your needs are

We are all different.

Make sure you practice self-care activities that cater to your needs. For example, introverts enjoy more alone time so they will have more solo activities while extroverts will have more group activities.

Personalize your self-care as much as possible so that you truly and fully take complete care of yourself because that is the greatest gift you can give yourself.

Workaround your schedule

Self-care is not negotiable nor is it a luxury, it is a necessity.

Do not wait until you have a bad day so that you can take care of yourself.

 Start now.

Make sure you are aware of your schedule GRAB A FREE DAILY PLANNER so that you can complete all the tasks you have to and as well as have some time.

Monitor yourself and see how you feel after consistently showing up for yourself.

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