10 Non Obvious Must Haves for College Freshman Year.

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Hey my loves!

There are so many things I did not bring with me to college freshman year that I really needed.

All the anxiety and excitement can get in the way of packing essential items that you need for college.

Don’t do what I did and make the same mistakes as I and be sure to check these items off your list before you go off to college.

I have compiled a list of both obvious and not so obvious things that you must have before going to college to make your life easy and comfortable.

1. Bed Organizer

A bed organizer comes in handy especially if you are on the top bunk and need a place to put your stuff.

2. Lanyard

Lanyard comes in handy for your school id, some cash and your keys.

3. A Sewing Kit

If you’re like me and rough on clothes, a sewing kit will come in handy! And sometimes accidents happen.

It’s not an obvious thing to bring, but you never know when you’ll need a quick stitch to fix something up!

4. Rain Gear

The weather can get very unpredictable and a good old umbrella and raincoat sometimes isn’t enough.

When it gets very windy, your shoes and feet will get soaking wet without rainboots.

5. Mini Steamer

mini steamer  is an  absolute must have in college.

This bad boy is a must have. It will get wrinkles out of your clothes with less effort and does not take up much space.

Its affordable and you will get a lot of use out of it.

6. Printer

I would have never though I needed this but school printers are no where near reliable. To save you the stress and time of having to wait in line, this wireless printer will help you a ton.

If your dorm building has a printer in the common room (some do) then you might not need one for your own room. But my dorm didn’t have a printer, so it was definitely worth it to get my own.

7. Over the door shoe organizer

Over the door shoe organizers.

Why you may ask.

They can be used to store about anything from cleaning supplies, shoes, water bottles, any plastic body sprays, beauty supplies, deodorant, or even smaller things like paper clips and pens/pencils.

The possibilities are literally endless. Plus, it hangs over a door and eliminates cupboard, floor, and desk/counter space. It’s probably one of the most underutilized organizers ever.

8. Storage cubes

I always never had enough storage spaces while in college.

Dorm rooms are limited on space and storage can become an issue.

These storage cubes will come in handy for storing your items and also keeping your space neat and tidy.

9. Long Charging Cords

This especially come in handy when you are up in a lofted bed and need to charge your laptop or phone.

Extra long charging cords will allow you to use any electrical gadget while charging from a far away distance from the socket. 

10. Bedrest pillow

bedrest pillow is a must-have for college dorm rooms.

This provides you with so much more comfort while studying or relaxing on your bed.

Things I Wish I Had for My Dorm

These are the things I wish I brought to college as a freshman for my dorm room.

Some of these things I ended up buying halfway through the school year, but they all are things I wish I would have just had from the start to make life easier and more comfortable!

So if you’re moving away to college soon, be sure to pack these things for your college dorm!

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