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How to beat January Blues in 6 simple steps

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Have you been feeling like you are in a slump this month? Feelings of uncertainty and anticipation for the new year?

January blues can hit really hard.

Especially after the long-awaited Christmas celebrations, building anticipation for it by decorating, buying and wrapping presents, Christmas songs and movies…. the list is endless. Adding onto the list, heavy expectations of a New Year. With hopes and dreams to start over with new goals and intentions.

Then all over sudden, everything is over and life resumes back to normal, work, school, you name it.

Taking down the Christmas decorations has been especially hard for me.

Saying goodbye to family and friends after spending a wonderful time together during the holidays has been more challenging.

January can or does, feel like a hangover that follows the party of December and the New Year.

All this can lead to an emotional slump and feeling very low and unmotivated.

With the following tips below, you can ease yourself out of the December holiday hangover and face the month of January head on without any feelings of sadness and overwhelming emotions resulting from the holidays.

Here are 6 tips on how to beat January Blues.


Journaling is a great way of getting your feeling out on paper and get a clear understanding of what exactly it is you are missing.

  You can use simple journal prompts such as,

I would highly encourage you to test out journaling if you haven’t tried it before.

Check out this post to learn more

You can also check out the Five-Minute Journal which makes daily journaling so much easier and fun.

Journaling has so many amazing benefits.

It will most definitely help you get a better understanding of your emotions and get more grounded.

Write a gratitude list

Being grateful will almost certainly put you in a better mood and uplift your spirits.

Writing down a gratitude list.

Or even simply stating the things you are grateful for in your mind will make a huge difference.

A gratitude list does not have to be grand and over the top things.

It’s the little things that we often over look that we should always be thankful for.

An example of a gratitude list could look like;

  • I am grateful for my amazing pet {if you have one}
  • I am grateful for the clothes I have
  • I am grateful for this opportunity to be here this day
  • I am grateful for my wonderful body
  • I am grateful for a New Year
  • I am grateful for my family

The list can be as long or a short as you want. The most important thing is to put your mind in a state of gratitude.

Reach out to a friend or family

Especially if you live alone, the toughest part about spending the holidays with friends and family is that you are not together with them.

A simple call to your friend or family member can be a good lift me up from the January Blues.

It is also important that having a good time with family and friends is not only reserved for the holiday season only.

You can also have dinner or lunch together with a friend or family at whatever time of the year.

Have a self-care routine

Showing up for yourself and taking care of your mind and body is a great way to ease yourself out of January Blues.

Taking a shower, washing your hair, lighting a candle or even reading a book are examples of self-care practices that will make you feel better.

You can learn more on how to create a self care routine here.

Make a list of resolutions and things you want to achieve.

This will help you take actionable steps towards achieving a certain goal and in turn give you something to look forward to.

This will also make you shift your focus on something exciting.

You can set a very easy goal such as read 3 pages everyday or save x amount every day.

Create a daily routine that makes you feel happy and excited

Who said you have to hold of certain things for a special day?

Everyday is a special day.

You should do the little things that make you happy today and every other day.

You like jazz music? Then listen to it while cooking and eating super.

Do you enjoy drawing? Include it in your daily routine and look forward to doing it more often.

Taking delight in your daily routine is very important.

As a result, you must start enjoying each and everyday and do what makes you happy.

January Blues is a normal feeling.

With the following tips above on how to beat January Blues in 6 simple steps, I hope you will feel much better in no time. If you have any other tips kindly feel free to drop them down in the comment section.

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