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Morning routine tips for a productive day

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Having a good morning routine leads to a productive day.

I really love a good morning routine because it sets me up for a great and successful day.

If you want to have a productive day, starting out on the right note with a good morning routine is crucial to get the most out of your day.

Whether you are going to work, school or work from home, having a good and cozy morning routine sets aside some you time before the start of a busy and hectic day.

Having some spare time to do the things you love in the morning is very important.

This is because you have to remember that you always come first.

You can not pour out from an empty cup.

You need to recharge and fuel yourself before starting tasks you need to accomplish.

Today I will share with you guys some amazing morning routine tips for a productive day.

A morning routine for a productive day starts the night before


A good morning routine always begins the previous night.

This can be a simple task such as laying out the clothes you will put on the following day.

Tidying up your space so that you wake up to clean and neat environment is a plus.

It is also important to remember that getting enough simple is also very crucial.

Going to bed early and getting anywhere between 7 to 8 hours is always ideal.

Getting in enough rest will help you wake up energized and ready to take on your day.

Make sure to maintain a consistent sleeping schedule.

Set an alarm and do not hit the snooze button

I personally can not wake up naturally early therefore I set a morning alarm at around 7 am.

Make sure that you do what is best for you and your schedule.

It is very important NOT to hit the snooze button after the alarm goes off because you will only wake up more tired.

Studies have shown that sleeping after hitting the snooze button does not give the body rest.

A great tip is to put your alarm further away so that you will be forced to get up, walk and switch it off.

Clean up your space for a productive day

Make your bed so that you are not tempted to get back into bed.

Draw the curtains to let in natural sunlight.

During the winter months, you can use a sunlight alarm to counter the gloomy weather.

You time

Waking up earlier in order to have some time to spare to do things that your body needs and that you enjoy is crucial.

Meditating and doing great amazing breathing exercises for five minutes will drastically change your entire day.

Taking a few minutes to journal and write out your intentions for the day will help you have a clear goal and mind.

Writing out a to do list helps to ease your mind from constantly feeling that you might forget something.

Doing a 5 minute stretch or getting in a quick workout is also great.

Making yourself a healthy breakfast and enjoying it without getting on your phone.

Take a shower and doing your skin care routine, get dressed and put on makeup.{if you like doing so}

Having a morning routine that you can get to do things that you enjoy, like walking your pet for 10minutes or listening to a podcast.

It is important that you set aside sometime to spend time with yourself and take care of your body before you start the day.

Other things you can do before you get on with your day include

Taking your vitamins
Morning affirmations
Visualizing your ideal day
Writing down a gratitude list

Start your day

Know that you have slowly eased yourself into the start of your morning, you can take on the tasks that need to be completed.

If you consistently stick to these morning routine tips, you will have a productive day.

Whether you are going to school or work, it is important to remember to be kind to yourself throughout the whole day.

With the following morning routine tips, you will definitely have a productive day.

I hope you enjoyed todays post.

Leave down any comments on your thoughts and tips.

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