How much I have made in my third month blogging

It’s been exactly three months after I started blogging consistently and I want to track my progress.

I started this blog last year, some time around late June but was never consistent.

I used to post a blog post and go ghost, never did any promotion for my blog or anything.

It was around November when I decided to take blogging seriously by promoting it on Pinterest and Facebook.

Its now February and this marks almost three months since I started blogging, consistently.

The reason why I am writing this blog post is to track my progress for the future and also to show new bloggers or any aspiring bloggers the true reality about blogging.

I am currently a fourth-year student at university studying Journalism and mass communication, meaning that I do blogging part time.

School is my major priority and I schedule my blogging work around my classes, assignments and exams.

It has not been easy but it definitely is possible.

I really love blogging and writing articles and that passion and self-drive is what keeps me going every day.

Current stats

I am fairly new on Pinterest and therefore my pins still do not get tons of impressions, yet.

I kind of hopped around in the beginning with my pinning strategy but now I have one that I have stuck to for about three weeks, and I have seen major improvement.

Currently, I am majorly focusing on Pinterest as my major platform for advertising my blog.

I had joined two Facebook groups but I have noticed that it is not driving quality traffic to my blog.

It may be that I’m in groups that don’t have bloggers who are in the same niche as mine but also, people only visit your blog so that you may also visit theirs.

I would really love to build an audience that truly connects with what I have to put out and build a solid relationship with my readers.

That is why I decided to take a step back from promoting my blog on Facebook groups and focus solely on Pinterest.

If you are a blogger and use Facebook to promote your blog and it drives quality traffic to your site, I would really love to know how you go about that down in the comments below.

My Pinterest overview currently looks like this,

I have seen a drastic change in my pin performances ever since I implemented a new pinning strategy and stayed consistent with it.

I currently have 11 followers on Pinterest too.

Monetization methods in my blogging journey

There are so many ways in which one can monetize their blog but I chose to start out with affiliate marketing.

I signed up for Amazon Associates and whenever one of my readers purchases a product I recommend, I earn a small commission at no extra cost for the one making the purchase.

Amazon affiliate requires for the associates to make 3 valid sales within a time frame of 180 days to be fully accepted.

And now to the big question of the day, how much have I earned from my blog?

I still have not made any affiliate sale therefore I have not earned a single dollar from my blog yet.

Reading income reports from bloggers online can be quite misleading and discouraging as a newbie blogger, expecting to earn hundreds of dollars in the first month. But that is far from reality.

What I plan to do next

I want to experiment more with my content, try different types of blog posts to see how I like it.

I also intend to stay more consistent with my pinning.

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If you are a new blogger or a more experienced one, you comment down below on how your first few months of blogging were like.


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