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How to plan out your week successfully

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Do you usually feel stressed out and overwhelmed during the week because you do not know what needs to be done and when?

The week ends and you feel like you are all over the place and did not accomplish what you had intended to in your head.

That is why it is very crucial to plan your week before it starts to avoid feeling stressed and have a clear view of what needs to be done.

 plan your week

When you go through the week without a plan, you will most certainly push off important tasks to the last minute and even miss important deadlines.

This is because you have no idea what needs to get done at what time.

Planning your week gives you time and space to figure out how you’re going to fit everything in.

Planning gives you a clear picture of what you want to achieve and a roadmap on how you will achieve it.

If you’re trying to make progress at work and in your personal life, planning your week will help you get there.  

In this post, I’m sharing five steps that will help you plan your week in a more productive and efficient way!

Why It Crucial To Plan Your Week Before It Starts

plan your week

If I do not know what needs to get done in a particular week, I wont get anything done at all. Worst of all, I will be delaying my progress in achieving my monthly and yearly goals if I do not get anything done within a particular week.

Planning is important because it helps you use your time in the most efficient way.

This helps you to have a rough estimate of what you can get done within a certain amount of time. This way, you can draw nearer to achieving your goals.

My routine these days is to sit down on a Sunday evening and review my yearly goals and monthly goals.

I’ll figure out what really needs to get done for the week ahead and what I’d like to get done. Once I have my weekly plan, I can go to bed with a little more peace of mind before the week begins.

Sometimes I get lazy or I’m just not in the mood on Sunday evening so I do this on early Monday mornings.

How To Plan Your Week

plan your week

When planning your week, you want to have an outline of what you’re going to do each day.

Make sure that you have the tools you need in order to plan out your week.

You can use this planner that helps me to stay on top of things.

Step 1: Review Bigger Plans

  • Review any yearly goals you’ve set for yourself.
  • Review your monthly priorities and plans.
  • Make note of any appointments or events that you need to plan around.

Step 2: Make A Detailed List

  • Make a list of every little thing you need and want to get done this week.
  • Go through the list and see if there’s anything that could be moved to another week if it’s not urgent now.

Step 3: Set Your Priorities

  • Figure out what absolutely needs to get done this week based on your list. Label or highlight these tasks as your weekly priorities.
  • Keep your weekly priorities list to 3-7 items.

Step 4: Design Action Steps

  • Create a bulleted list of action steps for each priority on your to-do list.
  • Think about action steps that will help you get your priorities completed or even just started.

Step 5: Make Your Schedule

  • Figure out which of your priority tasks you’re going to work on for each day of the week. Assign each priority from your list to a designated day.
  • If it works for your schedule, group similar tasks together so your brain doesn’t have to switch between different types of activities.
  • For each day of the week, choose the ‘one big thing’ that must get done. This will help you to stay focused and accomplish the most important thing first.

Remember this: Priorities do change even after making a plan. Things do not always go according to plan. But always try to stick to the plan you set and adjust accordingly when you are side tracked. 

How do you plan out your week?

plan your week

I hope this post has given you some insight on how to plan out your week and the importance of doing so. If have never tried to plan your week, I hope give it a try and see how it goes.

Share any weekly planning tips you recommend in a comment below!

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