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Why social media is ruining your life

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Why social media is ruining your life? Social media is ruining your life because lets face it, its every where and everyone is using it.

It is through social media that we have been brought all together and made the world a global village.

The platform is now offering employment to hundreds of people if not thousands but unfortunately, social media is slowly ruining our lives.

However, social media has brought along with it a lot of issues and problems in our world today.

Today I want to go over why and social media is ruining your life and help you see the bigger picture of what is at hand.

why social media is ruining your life
Why social media is ruining your life

Social media is ruining your life because you spend to much time on it rather than the real world.

Have you checked your screen time lately? The amount of hours we spend on our gadgets is very scary and this means that we are not actually living in our present reality.

For most of us, the first thing we pick up right after waking up is our phones. Instead of doing something much more constructive like going out for a short walk or watch the sun rise, we pick up our phones instead.

We need to be present in out own world and not other peoples realities on social media.

Social media is ruining your life because it is leading you to compare yourself to strangers online

Social media is the breeding ground of comparison and we all know that comparison is the thief of joy.

Waking up to see a post of someone bragging about buying their second car yet you are struggling to get by is not what you need in your life.

Social media is most likely leading you to sleep late

Staying up until 3am in the morning mindlessly scrolling on Instagram or Tiktok yet you have to be up by 8am is a common narrative these days.

We are depriving our precious bodies from sleep just to stay up scrolling on social meida.

Social media is taking away the time you should be spending with family and friends

You are forgetting your hobbies and interests

With the amount of time we spend on our devices, there is no time to explore and discover new hobbies and interests.

Hobbies such as drawing, painting, singing, reading books and many others have no space in our lives if we give social media the top priority in our live.

You are downplaying your achievements because of social media

Even the tiniest achievements you make should make you proud. Unfortunately, we tend to down play our achievements because they seem so small as compared to other peoples achievements online.

Social media is ruining your life because it preventing you from living in the moment

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