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How to plan your month in 10 minutes or less

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Are you wondering how to plan your month in the least amount of time possible?

I will be the first to admit that I do not want to spend 3hours planning at the beginning of every month.

Planning should be fun, easy and simple.

If you feel like you are dreading planning out your days or months prior, chances are you will not plan out anything in your planner.

There are very many benefits of planning especially planning out your month ahead of time.

This helps you to be aware of what you want to accomplish and how you will do so.

How to plan your month.

How to plan your month in 10 minutes or less

Review your yearly goals

Reviewing your yearly goals and specifically, the quarter yearly goals you set in regard to the month you are planning for.

For example if you are planning out for the month of March which is in the first quarter of the year, review what goals you had set for this quarter to get a clear picture of what you need to prioritize.

List down 3 to 4 major goals in your monthly planner and work your way down from there.

For instance, as a blogger my quarterly goal could include;

  1. Write and publish 20 blog posts this quarter
  2. Pin everyday on Pinterest
  3. Network with other bloggers
  4. Reach 1000 email subscribers
  5. Guest post on 2 other blogs

As you can see, some goals here require actionable steps to be taken while others can just need time to be achieved.

Break down your goals into daily actionable steps

For instance if your goal was to write a book, you can break down this task into a smaller portion like write 500 words everyday.

Therefore in your monthly planner, you can block out a particular time each day for writing.

A great hack is to plan out your weeks first , then each day you can get into writing down your to do list easer.

This way, you can have one big list of what you want to accomplish that month, break it down into weekly goals and tasks and finally daily to do’s so that you accomplish your bigger goals.

Do not forget to schedule out important dates and events

Write down important dates such as birthdays, appointments etc so that you do not end up forgetting or double booking on important dates.

Planning helps you to stay on top of things and be well organized while avoiding confusion.

how to plan your month
Important note: Do not forget to schedule time for self care and spending time with family and friends. In as much as we have goals, dreams and ambitions, you should always prioritize taking care of yourself and spending time with those you care about.

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